Ion-exchange resin demineralisation plants


The feature of ion-exchange resins is to remove substances (salts, acids and alkalis) dissolved in water and made up of, from a chemical point of view, ions i.e. electrically-charged atoms. Currently, it is mainly organic substances that are used as ion-exchange resins. These are made up of cross-linked polymers that have an acidic role (mainly carboxyl or sulphonic groups) and are used to exchange their hydrogen atom in the hydrogen group with cations, or an alkaline role capable of exchanging anions.

The resins are inserted in ebonite-lined tanks equipped with one or more drainage plates with filtration nozzles fitted.

The system is equipped with instrumentation, automatic valves and monitoring and control software that manages the routine washing and regeneration of the resins, with controlled concentrations of acid or alkali solutions.

Preassembled skid solutions are provided on request.