Separation and purification plants with rectangular settling basin

Separation systems with rectangular basins have a reinforced concrete rectangular basin and an array of electromechanical equipment required for operation.



The settling basin includes the following items:

  • A two-way mobile bridge that transports the separated sludge to one end of the basin. The bridge is made of steel profiles and is complete with a walkway with railings. It moves on 4 steel wheels, 2 idler gears and 2 driving wheels, which run along tracks or rails anchored to the side walls of the basin. The two driving wheels are operated by an electric motor and a gear unit, lubricated with an oil bath or grease.
    All metal parts in contact with the fluid are protected from corrosion with a layer of epoxy bitumen paint.
  • A valve system on the bottom of the tank or a bucket hoist system to ensure sludge is removed from the settling basin.
  • A stainless steel blade to remove oil from the surface of the water, transporting it to a special recovery system.