Water treatment plants

The PLANT DIVISION designs and builds water treatment plants for industrial and civil applications, using the best technologies on the market and providing customers with 50 years' experience in the water treatment sector.


Our team of qualified engineers and technicians provides customers with support within short timescales and deals with the analysis of plant processes, start-up and commissioning procedures, offering customers a fully-integrated turnkey solution. The technical department deals with the design and construction of new plants and the upgrade of existing plants.

The technical department provides:

  • Basic, detailed and as-built designs
  • Plant adaptation and optimisation designs for existing plants
  • Diagnosis and consultations relating to energy savings
  • Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses for modernisation and upgrade projects
  • Technical inspections with the assessment of plant issues and improvements proposed
  • Assembly works management
  • Preparation of maintenance plans
  • Plant start-up and management with highly-qualified engineersi
Plants are designed using Autodesk programs (AUTOCAD and INVENTOR) with 3D design applications (ESAIN).