Cooling systems with evaporative towers - air coolers - heat exchangers

Hot water from cooling circuits of steel industry can be cooled using various systems.


Water is cooled by partial evaporation at a temperature close to the wet-bulb temperature. Evaporative towers are classified according to type of external structure and construction material (reinforced concrete, fiberglass, galvanised or stainless steel), fill type (film or splash), and according to the cooling principle (closed circuit with tube coil or open circuit cooled with a counter current air flow);


Used to cool water exiting closed pressurised circuits by means of forced exchange with air. The working temperature of circuits with air coolers can exceed 100°C.


Enable the exchange of heat energy without direct contact between fluids.
They are classed according to construction shape and material (plate exchangers, tube bundle heat exchangers, tube-in-tube exchangers).

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