Sludge thickening and dewatering plants


Static thickeners enable thickening of sludge coming from circular or rectangular settling basins.

The thickeners produced by Ravagnan consist of a vertical cylindrical body with a cone base in painted carbon steel. The separated water exits from the upper section whereas the concentrated sludge is drained off by a fully automatic valve system on the base.

The wash circuit with pressurised water situated in the lower section prevents the cone from clogging.

Ravagnan selects and provides the best technology for thickening sludge to allow complete sludge dewatering by use of filter presses, belt filter presses or centrifuges.

The choice of technology to use depends on sludge type, level of concentration and hourly flow rate. Ravagnan has installed numerous plants that can produce up to 5 tonnes per hour of disposable sludge

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