Pressure Vessels Division

The Pressure Vessels Division of Ravagnan S.p.A. has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas industry, urea and ammonia plants and for the power industry.

The Division operates worldwide supplying pressure vessels (drums, tanks, separators), reactors (hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters and tubular typology), heat exchangers (tube-bundle, tube-in-tube and coil type, for use as condensers, evaporators, air coolers, heaters), columns (fractionation, absorption and adsorption), boilers (overheating or boiling Equipment).

It also performs, thanks to its modern CNC Department facilities, existing plant maintenance, heat exchangers re-tubing, cladding of vessels and repairs.

The experience and knowhow accumulated in the last five decades, the productive units complementary and integrated and logistically placed close to the Italian harbour of Porto Marghera, allow us to fully meet the needs of our customers.