Ravagnan has a deep experience and lasting tradition in supplying reactors like Hydrocrackers, Hydrotreaters and Tubular, manufactured in both Ravagnan’s workshops (Limena and Bottrighe) for the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry.

Materials normally used are CS, AISI, 1 ¼, 2 ¼, Cr, Cladded Steels, MONEL® alloys, Copper alloys, Nickel alloys 625, 825, HASTELLOY® alloys, Titanium, etc.

The dedicated workshop for the heavy wall equipment is the one located in Bottrighe (RO), where dimensions and complexity of the unit’s assembly can be easily met. The limits in transport on truck are up to 5,5 m diameter, 40 m length, 300 MT weight, up to 18,000 tubes.