from 1961 to today

Our history


Ravagnan brothers started their first business in mechanical engineering and boiler construction in the Limena industrial park, near Padova, where RAVAGNAN SpA still has its headquarters. Over the years, the production unit grown up to 65,000 m2.


Tecoelettra S.r.l. was founded. This company design and supply electrical/electronic systems and plant automation for industrial and civil sectors. Aside these markets, Tecoelettra allows Ravagnan SpA Plant Division to supply complete turnkey plants all over the world.


Ravagnan de México SA de CV is set up in Monterrey, being a logistics base for production and supplies to the Northern and Southern American markets.


Costruzioni Meccaniche Polesane - C.M.P. SpA is merged into the Group, to serve a wider range of customer needs for bigger equipment expanding Ravagnan commercial possibilities further. C.M.P. is a pressure vessel manufacturer located nearby Rovigo, Italy, close to the Adriatic Sea ports of Porto Marghera and Ravenna.


Ravagnan do Brasil Ltda is established in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It represents a sales subsidiary of Ravagnan SpA in the Southern America market.


RAVAGNAN GROUP employs 240 people in Italy, and more in Latin America. It’s specialized in design and construction of industrial plant and pressure vessels equipment. The Group has also diversified into aquaculture and agriculture. Annual overall turnover exceeds 50 million Euros. All group companies refer to the parent company RAVAGNAN S.p.A., operating through two integrated divisions, Pressure Vessels Division and Industrial Plant Division.

Quality and certifications

All the manufactured equipment are tested according to severe quality standards. Our office works with the main national and international Homologation Bodies (Bureau Veritas, OneTÜVBV, LLOYD’S REGISTER, TÜV, VINÇOTTE, APAVE, LUXCONTROL, SAQ, INAIL etc.) to certify the equipment according to the international standards.

Non Destructive Tests are performed internally using:

  • X-ray machine with developing room.
  • Ultra Sonic machine for plates, forgings and welds
  • dye penetrant kits;
  • MT examination instrument for magnetic particle inspection.
  • Hydraulic equipment for high pressure test (up to 1100 bar)
  • Test equipment for flow rate and pressure drop measurements.

Personnel performing the tests are qualified with international E.W.E. and E.W.T. 3rd and 2nd Level Engineers.

Destructive Test are carried out at local qualified Laboratories.

Ravagnan SpA owns various qualifications and homologations, like:

  • AISO 9001: 2008
  • ISO TS 29001: 2011
  • ASME "U" Stamp;
  • ASME "U2" Stamp
  • ASME "S" Stamp;
  • German homologation HP0 with TUV Bayern;
  • UNI EN ISO 3834-2
  • UNI EN 1090-1.

Ravagnan has been approved as a qualified supplier by various national and international Oil & Gas Company.

Thanks to a fully digital workflow from the stage of design and engineering, made with CAD systems , we proceed to production phase using CAM systems .

Dedicated software and tools allow to design the equipment according to the main international standard (PED, EN, ASME, TEMA, AD-Merkblatt, VSR, CODAP, BS, GOST, GB150, CSA B51, STOOMWEZEN, ecc).


certificazione u

Asme stamp symbol "U"
for manufacture of pressure vessel

certificazione u2

Asme stamp symbol "U2"
for manufacture of pressure vessel

certificazione s

Asme stamp symbol "S"
for manufacture and assembly of power boilers

certificazione nb

National Board
certificate of authorization (to apply "NB" mark and registration) for boilers, pressure vessels, or other pressure retaining items

certificazione eac

EAC Certification for Eurasia Custom Union
RU C-IT.HO03.B.00093 – Heat Exchangers
RU-C-IT.HO03.B.00230 – Columns
RU-C-IT.HO03.B.00231 – Pressure Vessels
RU-C-IT.HO03.B.00232 – Reactors
RU-C-IT.HO03.B.00233 – Separators

certificazione tuv

certifications for the Pressure Vessel / Steam Boilers manufacturing according to AD 2000-Marketblatt HPO/TRD201 and DIN-EN-729-2

certificazione china

Manufacture License of Special Equipment Boilers and Pressure Vessel of China
for manufacture of Pressure Vessels A1 & A2 and Boilers B

certificazione 9001

ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001
Design, manufacturing, supply and repair of: pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors and condensers. Design, manufacturing, field assembly, after-sales service and repair of: industrial plants, potabilization plants and water treatment plants

certificazione 29001

ISO/TS 29001
Design, manufacturing, supply and repair of: pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors and condensers.


Ravagnan for community

We are committed in charity activities and local community project as:

i bambini delle fate