PVSA Oxygen production plants

Oxygen production plants are made with PVSA ((Pressure Vacuum Swing Absorption) technology under licence and process engineering from Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Oxygen is produced directly as gas through the passage of air through a zeolite bed. The zeolite adsorbs the nitrogen and carbon dioxide but not the oxygen.

The produced oxygen has a pure range from 93 up to 95.5%.

PVSA are characterized by a low electrical consumption, variable according to the delivery pressure, between 0.38 kWh/Nm3 and 0.53 kWh/Nm3 as 100% pure oxygen.

The start up time is very short: full production capacity is reached within 90 seconds from star.The PVSA plant is fully automated and controlled by the supervision system.
Ravagnan makes plant with different sizes from 600 Nm3/h up to 4000 Nm3/h.

Main PVSA plant applications are:

  • Iron and steel industry (melting furnace and oxygen converter)
  • Non ferrous metal and glass industries
  • Water treatment plant –oxydation process
  • Paper industry - oxydation process